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Assisted living supplies

Here you can find great value latest mobility aids & assisted living supplies

Provides medical and nursing supplies such as disposable gloves, aprons, incontinence pads, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and first aid kits.

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A value for money range of mobility aids & assisted living supplies which include Day Planners, Tablet Dispensers, Plastic Carry Clips, Long Handled Shoe Horns, Plate Surrounds, 7 Day Tablet Organisers, Key Turning Aids, Reachers, Comfort Neck Pillows, Tap Turners, Easy Grip Contoured cutlery,Easy Grip Plugs, Folding Adjustable Walking Sticks, Cane Seat Walking Stick ,Jug Kettle Tippers,Long Handled Dust Pan And Brush, Adjustable Backrest for a Bed, Folding Lightweight Walking Frames & Wheelchairs. more...



A new term has now emerged in America called "assisted living" and it is likely to become a term we use in Britain. The ageing population is becoming a higher proportion of our country's total population, which will mean the increase of demand on services for the elderly and disabled. Assisted living means the provision of personal care services to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities and the maintenance of maximum independence. Assisted living will also mean the provision of items required to promote independence at home, e.g. medical supplies.

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