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PAINBAN: PainBan X4000


How the X4000 works

Bloelectromagnetism and pulsed magnetic field therapy are long-established medical sciences and are already universally used and accepted methods of therapy in human and animal care. Hundreds of experiments in both these therapies have proven that ether can eventually reduce pain sensations.

PainBan® have developed a combination of both methodologies and applied new patented technologies to these proven medical procedures which will revolutionise pain management, by making safe, effective therapy affordable and accessible to all chronic pain sufferers around the world.

The X4000 utilises bioelectromagnetism to deliver gentle pre-programmed oscillating wave
currents in extremely low frequency fields through magnetic energy resonance induction therapy.

These extremely low-frequency pulsed electro-magnetic fields (ELF-PEMF) have been proven to be beneficial in bone fracture healing, circulation improvement and alleviation of pain. Additionally, electro-magnetic energy fields (EMEF) area proven therapeutic modality (A method of therapy that involves physical or electrical therapeutic treatment).

The device delivers energy fields that use signals similar to the body's natural waveforms which are more readily accepted by the cells in the body. By agitating these cells, the X4000 stimulates improved circulation, cell activity and lymphatic movements, all of which is beneficial in the relief of pain and other discomforts.

Because the body's bio-chemical activity is directly connected with bioelectromagnetic activity (particularly at the cell wall membrane), the action of the X4000 produces hydroxides that create a negative pH extra-cellular fluid, capable of absorbing far more oxygen than a positive pH fluid. The potential difference between the external and internal cellular fluids allows the nutrient ion channel to open more readily and oxygen uptake and utilisation is improved.

The lower frequencies encourage relaxation, pain reduction, enhanced cellular nutrient uptake. The higher frequencies enhance circulation and metabolic function. The electrostatic output level of the X4000 is set to release enkephalin (an endorphin having opiate qualities that occurs in the brain and spinal cord and elsewhere) and endorphins (a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties) which raise pain thresholds and modulate transmission of pain perception as well as repairing and toning muscle tissue.

This process not only Improves pain management but also encourages platelet and stem cell stimulation to repair damaged tissue which speeds wound repair and management which is another major benefit.

Instead of electrical current contact with skin (as with TENS devices), the X4000 sends bioelectrou-magnetic energy signals through body tissue without electrical resistance via pulsed magnetic waves.

As these waves pass through water (which accounts for over 70% of the human body)
without any refraction whatsoever, its effect can penetrate up to 6cm into tissue with a
4.5cm radius from the point of application laterally

Your questions answered

I have tried alternative therapies without success.. will PainBanX4000
Yes. The bioelectromagnetic wave is delivered through the patented programmed
chip via the induction wave field and is unique - which is why it will often work
where other devices tail.

Does the product contain magnets?
No. The product does not contain magnets of any kind.

Does Painban x4000 have approval from the medical profession?
Yes. The device has undergone extensive clinical trials In the United Kingdom and
Germany and is CE certified as a class 1 medical device according to the PC
Council Directive 93/42/EEC. The product is also protected under Patent
Application 1E104/00098. Painban X4000 has also been approved for use by the
Complementary Medical Association for general pain management and in
conjunction with acupuncture, acupressure and physiotherapy.

Can I use it anywhere?
The device can be used anywhere, although it should not be used during take-off
or landing when travelling by air as air traffic control insist all electronic devices
are switched off during take off and landing.

Will it hurt in any way?
No. using PainBanTM X4000 will not cause any discomfort whatsoever. It Is
possible that the user will experience a rather pleasant `dragging' sensation that
may be accompanied by a hot or cold wave, depending on the sensitivity of their

How regularly can I safely use this unit?
You can use the device as many times as you like, although it is programmed to
deliver treatment in 7-minute cycles. You may repeat and continue as required
but we recommend you take a break after 4 treatments. We also recommend you
be seated (as far as possible) when applying treatment.

How do i accelerate healing of open wounds and skin abrasions?
In this instance do NOT apply directly to the skin. The Painban X4000 will
operate just as effectively through medical dressings, hyrdrogel dressings and

Does it work for any pain under all Circumstances?
PainBan X4000 is a pulsed bioelectromagnetic wave induction system that
features a wave form field that itself is a specifically designed In frequency,
modulation and amplitude over a predetermined duty cycle proven to have given
health benefits with Pain Management.

Is it simple to use?
Painban X4000 is very simple to use and can be applied by the user or by
carers, The device has to be lightly applied to the area of pain, either directly
onto the skin or through medical dressings or clothing up to a distance of 6cm,

how does the device work?
Painban X4000 generates bioelectromagnetic Waves, delivered through the
Patented programmed chip Wave inductor system. These waves change In
intensity over time in a controlled fashion to create a minute electric current flow,
this interacts with the body's living tissues and thereby helps to manage pain.

Will the electromagnetic field cause me any harm?
No. The system uses very low frequency and does not radiate any high frequencies unlike Mobile Phones and other devices.

If I have a medical condition should I consult my Doctor first?
You should first consult your doctor before using the PainBan X4000 if you have any of the following conditions:

o You are pregnant
o Have a pacemaker fitted
o Have a known heart condition
o Suffer epileptic fits
o Have hypotension (low blood pressure) or severe hypertension (high blood pressure)



Scientific Information and Research Data

Bioelectric phenomena have been a part of medicine throughout its history.

The first written document on bioelectric events is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of 4000 B.C. describing the electric sheatfish.

Electromdicine has survived the scrutiny of many researchers in the past 100 years or so and is a proven modality for the encouragement of fracture healing and general pain relief.

Bioelectromedicine is, of course, based strongly on the general theory of electroimedicine. In fact, until the middle of the nineteenth century the history of electromedicine was also the history of bioelectromagnetism.

From the viewpoint of modern science, bioelectric phenomena have had scientific value for the past 200 years. Many of the fundamental contributions to the theory of bioelectromagnetisn were made in the nineteenth century.

Only in the past 100 years has bioelectromagnetism had real diagnostic or therapeutic value. As we know, this is actually the case for most of medicine as well.


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