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About us

Mabels mature
The Place for Seniors on the web


What we all think about is Quality of Life
Health, Happiness and

So let's all get together and we'll try to improve them all.

We at Mabels look forward to spreading some happiness with input from you and with input from us!


It's very important that information about issues affecting the older generation are easily and broadly accessible. There are so many fantastic web sites and information out there. The problem is finding them quickly without wasting valuable time having to search all over the place. We have, therefore, extensively researched thousands of sites and information over a very long period to bring you some of the best for immediate access. Both specialist and general needs have been catered for as well as offering product choices. See the site map for an overview of the content channels.

Mabels has been designed to be an easy to use 'no frills' site with large font and ease of navigation to take you to your area of interest as quickly as possible.

The site has been extended over time to ultimately be the one-stop resource for all your over 50 needs that helps you make the most out of life.

Examples of some of our more popular areas of interest include latest news, pension & finance advice, health & wellbeing, travel, furniture cleaning,leisure, mobility, helpful organisations, articles of interest, nostagia, dating, latest news, humour and forum.

Have a browse around the Mabels site; We are confident the best is only a few clicks away and you will find what you want.


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RETIREMENT - Make the day count .....
Retirement is a new beginning - a window of opportunity for the advancement of self-improvement, self-worth and above all enjoyment of life.

Visit Mabels...For the over 50's at www.mabels.org.uk
A vast invaluable source of welfare and social information to add to the harmony of life.

Author of the over 50's web resource www.mabels.org.uk. - providing retirement advice and resources, articles of interest, health care & wellbeing for the senior person & much,much more.



Editor of the over 50's web resource www.mabels.org.uk.

Bringing the latest and greatest content from across the internet to today's over 50s

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All the latest over 50's news from the top news rooms
Over 50's news
Over 50's latest news and updates
over 50s news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news
Latest pension news

Latest top news for seniors...



Many thanks to all our part time and external editors
who's comments contribute to making Mabels an informative and resourceful site!



For the first time ever, there are more adults aged over forty-five than there are aged under forty-five, and more people aged over sixty-five than there are under sixteen.

The reasons for an ageing population are increased life expectancy and decreased birth rate. Fewer women have children and those who do have fewer children. Increased life expectancy can be attributed to improved diet, lifestyle, medicine and healthcare, public health, living standards and housing.

The over-50s are an increasingly powerful group, owning 80% of the UK's wealth, and they will make up more than half the adult population by 2020. In many cases they have more time and money than ever, as their children have left home.


Older people are no longer a niche, but in many categories are at the heart of a new mainstream.

It is clear that attitudes, wealth and behaviour among many groups of older consumers favour their continued role as active and discerning consumers.

Provide facts and information. Most older people are experienced consumers, able to 'deconstruct' communications, who prefer to make their own decisions based upon information and facts, without unnecessary 'creativity' and emotional appeal.

For individuals, main issues include care, health, income and independence which together contribute to well-being, happiness and quality of life.


The most common attitude of older people to age and ageing is one of denial. People choose to act and behave in a more
'youthful' way than their physiological age; think of themselves as younger than they are; do not wish to think of themselves as old; and resist or ignore all implications of age.


Older internet users are challenging younger ones when it comes to using technology. Nearly four out of five (78%) older internet users surf the web to find out information about goods and services.



ONS data
rhc advantage, the mature marketing agency (www.rhcadvantage.co.uk).



I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Jon Wickham and the team at Mabels, for their valued support and encouragement with my book.

I personally recommend www.mabels.org.uk. It is an extremely useful site, which is packed full of quality information and current news, so essential to life for anyone over fifty - (including me!)

At Mabels they believe that in retirement we should - Make the day count because...

Every moment is a new beginning - a window of opportunity for the advancement of self-improvement, self-worth and above all enjoyment of life.

So why not visit Mabels... A site for the over 50's at: www.mabels.org.uk A truly invaluable source of welfare and social information, right there waiting for you.

I also recommend that you take advantage of a free membership to the Mabels-Newsletter where you will receive regular updates of the latest news, tips and snippets directly to your mailbox, and will soon feel part of a truly fabulous community.

Tony Balfe





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